In December of 2011 we decided to purchase a pellet stove to help offset the cost of heating oil in our home. After some research and speaking to folks that already have pellet stoves one brand stood out as the best choice, St. Croix. I contacted Chip to set up a time to give me a quote for the stove, and the rest was a done deal and our new stove was installed on the 21st of December.

As we all know last winter was by far not that bad, but the savings I saw in that situation having this stove were amazing. Shortly after having the pellet stove installed, I had to purchase fuel oil to the tune of $400 for the 100 gallons I got. Just to let everyone know, that 100 gallons of fuel oil lasted me until the first week in July only having to heat my domestic hot water!

 Stepping back for a moment, when I purchased my stove, the question of fuel for it rose. I was told about all the choices that were out there and Chip said that the Hammer’s Hot Ones were the best. Having gone through a complete burning season using these pellets I am strongly convinced that they are. After a 3 week burning cycle, I cleaned my stove out and the amount of ash that was in the ash pan wouldn’t have filled a coffee can. And that has been the norm all through the current burning season, which brings me to my next point.

 I was close to running out of pellets and a friend of mine said try the pellets at Lowe’s they are better this year, but they also went on to  say how they clumped up in the burn pot. With Christmas close by I decided what the heck I will try them. Today, December 22, I had to shut my stove off due to excessive smoking, and a pot full of clinkers, not to mention the lack of heat produced. I am happy to say after a good cleaning and a visit with Chip, I have Hammer’s again and my stove is working like it did on day one!

Hats off to the Team at Laubscher Pools for setting us up with a good stove and the proper fuel!


 Steve and Ann Stewart